121 Boxing Training in Coventry at the Furioso Fight Centre.

Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Connor Mcgregor took his professional record to 50 wins and no losses. Of course, Mayweather isn’t the first of his kind; in fact, he’s two wins shy of tying with Rocky Marciano at 49 wins. Other undefeated boxers include Joe Calzaghe, Ricardo Lopez, and Jack McAuliffe.

It’s safe to say Mayweather’s career reached its prime through 50 fights. His accurate punches and quick evasion skills often leave offensive boxers wide open. Kelsey McCarson of the Bleacher Report described him as a master of defensive boxing, one who fights with both offense and defence equally.

Half of his success is attributed to his footwork. To quote Rocky Marciano: “The best fighters hit the most and get hit the least.” See, it’s not enough that you punch hard, you also have to punch often. To get those punches, you need excellent footwork, preferably one that allows you to move within and beyond the opponent’s reach if necessary. If done flawlessly, you’ll find Marciano’s aforementioned quote to be possible.

Robbie Owen of Furioso Fight Centre Coventry says “any trainers should be sure to include basic footwork in a typical boxing session thats why in a 121 Boxing Session you can really hone in on those skills Whether for promoting fitness or preparing for a bout 121 Boxing Sessions create ways to hone in on integral this movement is to the efficiency of the fighter. Move out of your opponent’s reach as soon as you see him about to attack then step in and launch a counterattack.

Repeat as often as possible and watch your opponent either tire out or circle around you defensively. A pro boxer can gauge his opponent’s skill by observing his footwork alone”.

In Mayweather’s case, the significance of footwork manifested during last year’s title fight with Robert Guerrero. Statistics of the fight showed that Mayweather’s quick leads helped him land 60 percent of his power shots and his masterful dodges, evading all but 19 percent of Guerrero’s shots. Mayweather was less than two feet in front of Guerrero, yet the latter kept hitting air.

Pulling off a “shoot-and-scoot” manoeuvre, however, requires speed and agility training. If you don’t land your shot quickly, you’ll be within striking distance of your opponent’s shots. Every hit you take draws you closer to a knockout, no matter how full-bodied your physique is. In addition, footwork also involves moving sideways to evade shots and fire counterpunches.

Furioso Fight Centre in Coventry  has the necessary personnel and equipment to work on your footwork in a 121 Boxing Session while strengthening your punches. It may not put you to pro status right away, but every boxer in history started out small. If you watch their fights and learn from their greatest moments, you’ll get better at boxing either way.

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